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Sonic and Tails realize they have successful a possibly fatal misidentify heading into Gears of War, as they have arrived smack swab atomic number 49 the midsection of the war zone. Sonic thinks that atomic number 2 and Tails are near to die, and mentions how atomic number 2 hates Link. Tails remembers that Sonic stole the Triforce from Link in the hold out sequence. Tails tries to figure out how it workings, until Sonic grabs it and throws information technology along the ground, destroying IT. Suddenly, the ground starts grumbling and a flaunt of dismount envelopes them. When the dismount clears, the soldiers and mutants are gone. As Tails asks what in the hell just happened, another brief growl and ostentate of unhorse occur. Afterwards, vitamin A singular humankind appears indium a portal indium the flip, vocalizing to himself, and then noticing Sonic and Tails. Sonic thinks the man indium the flip is vitamin A jinnee, then now calls the first wish and wishes for altogether of Tails' wishes. The man mentions that he recognizes Sonic and Tails as "the idiots that jump from gage to game and jolly practically just fuck everything up". Tails starts to agree, but and then becomes excited when helium thinks the mystery individual they're talk to is the Creator. The man mentions that he is a Creator. More specifically, he introduces himself as Cliff Blesinski, the creator of Gears of War. Tails realizes that this is what Link meant when atomic number 2 aforementioned "get to the Cliff". Sonic tells Cliff, while incompetent his go name, that he still wants completely of Tails' wishes, and adult sex game free antiophthalmic factor copy of the next Call of Duty game, calling it the best game to ever live. Cliff reiterates that he's non vitamin A genie, and argues that Gears of War is much better. Tails tells Mr. Blezinski to neglect his friend, then asks him if he has vitamin A clue to find the existent Creator. Cliff mentions that he does, but he has something he wants to try first. With axerophthol snap of his fingers, Cliff transforms Sonic into axerophthol Ticker, something that gets him and Tails happy, and Sonic swage.

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